16in Wheels R6-7-8


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16in Wheels R6-7-8

16in. 3 piece Aluminum racing wheels by Real Wheel are true structural quality, aircraft grade 6061 t-6 aluminum, certified double heat treated. CNC machined for precise tolerances. in 5,6, and 8 lug patterns. Choose bolt pattern, offset & bead lock. these wheels are good for all kinds of racing! Copy and paste link in your browser for more pictures and info on real wheels! http://www.powerproracing.com/wheels.html


Product Part Number Measure Price
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16 X 5 to 7 Aluminum Wheel 46-R6/1600 ea 352.95
16 X 10 Aluminum Wheel 46-R6/1610 ea 385.95
16 X 12 Aluminum Wheel 46-R6/1612 ea 388.95
16 X 12 ALUMINUM BEAD LOCK WHEEL 46-R7/1612 ea 568.95
16 X 14 Aluminum Wheel 46-R6/1614 ea 424.95
16 X 15 Aluminum Wheel 46-R6/1615 ea 424.95
16 X 16 Aluminum Wheel 46-R6/1616 ea 424.95
16 X 16 ALUMINUM BEAD LOCK WHEEL 46-R7/1616 ea 606.95
16 X 17 Aluminum Wheel 46-R6/1617 ea 424.95
16 X 18 Aluminum Wheel 46-R6/1618 ea 394.95
16 X 18 ALUMINUM BEAD LOCK WHEEL 46-R7/1618 ea 608.95
16 X 20 Aluminum Wheel 46-R6/1620 ea 449.95